1. Price it right.

To determine the right price, he researches recent sales in the immediate neighborhood and surrounding area when he lists a property. An appraiser can also can help get an accurate estimate idea of how a home should be priced. Creates a market analysis for his clients, looking at the number of homes for sale in the area. The more homes on the market, the more aggressive the pricing needs to be. “It always comes down to price, condition and exposure.

2. Update carpeting and paint.

Put your money into painting rooms throughout the house. And change that ratty carpeting, “Every time my client has changed the carpet, it has always dramatically increased the speed of the sale and paid back more than was put in.”

3. Take high quality photos.

High percentage of buyers now viewing homes online, it is imperative that sellers have good-quality photos taken of the home’s interior and exterior. Good photos will help to get the buyer to take the next step and request a showing, IPAD’s or IPhone are great resource for picture taking.

4. Stage your home.

If the photos feature a professionally staged home, the house stands out among the crowd of online choices.  According to RESA, the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes. Staging involves putting just enough furniture in each room to show a potential buyer how they could use each space.

5. Depersonalize the space.

Take down that kachina collection and pack your elk trophy. Unlike interior decorators, stagger’s do not create a personal style that suits the home-owner, but rather a more neutral palette of colors, furniture and design to appeal to a broader group of buyers who can then better visualize themselves in the space.

6. De-clutter.

Rent a storage space for excess furniture, pictures, boxes and other belongings. Remove things from the floor (including some rugs and shoes in the closet) to make each room look more spacious. Clear off kitchen and bathroom counters, tables and desks.

7. Add curb appeal.

An inviting exterior will entice people into the house.

8. Make obvious repairs.

Go from room to room and throughout the garage and backyard making note of large and small repairs and fixing them. Too many visibly broken items in your home – regardless of the size – send a message to buyers that perhaps other hidden problems are lurking under the roof.

9. Pick your fixes.

Realtor said to put granite counter-tops in the kitchen, it may not give you the return on the investment? If you have already remodeled the entire house except for one room, then complete the remodel. But if upgrades are uneven, there is no point tossing money at random renovations. “It’s just as important to know what not to do as it is to know what to do.

10. Clean up.

“Q-tip clean” is what sellers should be striving for. Make sure floors, counters, tables, walls, sinks, bathrooms and windows are spotless. And don’t forget to dust the fans. Selling a home is one time you should definitely consider a professional cleaning. A pro may spot things you’ve overlooked or neglected. “When people walk into your home, they want to have a good emotional connection. “People hate to walk into a messy, cluttered home. It reminds them of all the work they have to do.”

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